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Chevra Kadisha
In Hale, we are fortunate to have a Chevra Kadisha group that attends to all the necessary arrangements on our behalf, taking into account all religious and legal requirements. 

Members of the Hale & District Hebrew Congregation who pay annual burial fees, are automatically part of our independent burial scheme, entitling them to rest eventually (at the age of 120, we hope) in the Hale Beit Olam (cemetery) in Dunham-Massey. The magnificent Ohel (prayer hall) on this site was built in 1997 and consecrated by Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.


In days gone by, communities did not have a dedicated Chevra Kadisha group to help to manage a levaya (funeral). Instead, on hearing of the passing of one of their members, and in keeping with Jewish law, it was the responsibility of every member of that community to stop work and offer to help with arrangements for the levaya. Only when the kevura (burial) was concluded could they return to their normal daily routine.


If you are a member of our community Burial Scheme, it is important that you understand all of the Hale Shule policies regarding burial and its associated costs. Please read the information provided and contact the Shule Office if you have any questions.


Members of our community who are not part of our Burial Scheme are encouraged to ensure that they have alternative arrangements in place, and to advise the shule office accordingly.


For more information, download our full Chevra Kaddisha Brochure:

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