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 This weeks events

Shule zoom services at - on request ONLY
Room number 980 884 6666 password hello


Friday 3rd Feb -   Shacharit   7.00am

Sunday 5th Feb - Shacharit   9.00am

Shacharit on other Weekdays 7.00am Mon - Thur

Ma'ariv throughout next week - 6.30pm


Thur 2nd Feb       Schmooze and Booze 8.45pm with Rabbi Levine.

Sat 4th Feb          Chassidus Shiur 8.45am with Rabbi Levine.

                              Tu B'shevat Fruit Trail 11.00pm.

Sun 5th Feb         Tu B'Shevt with the Gimpels 7.30pm.

Tue 7th Feb         Coffee Morning Chair Exercise with Jude. 10.30am.

                             Hale Shule Arts Committee Presentation Provocative issues in Family Law 7.45pm.


                             Online Shiur Tenach Study with Rivi Russel 8.00pm for more details

                             contact Rebecca Lewis.

Wed 1st Feb       Babies & Bagels Stretch and Grow 10.30am.

For information on any of the above events please contact the Shule Office 0161 980 8846.



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