on line services and events
 This weeks on line events that offer opportunities of coming together

Shule zoom services at 
Room number 980 884 6666 password hello


Friday 14th May - Shacharit 7.00am

Sunday 16th May - Shacharit 9.00am

Shacharit on other Weekdays 7.00am

Mincha throughout next week - see newsletter 


Thursday 13th May              Shmooze & Booze 8.45pm.

                                              Zoom 922 413 7475 Password Shalom.


                                               Ladies Rosh Chodesh Cheesecake Bake Along with Debra Kay 8pm.

                                               Zoom 980 884 6666 Password hello.

                                      See flyer re registration/requesting

                                               list of ingredients.

Sunday 16th May                  Tikun Leil Shavout - Midnight Learning Programme

                                               Learning, coffee and cheesecake! See flyer for details incl. timetable.

Monday17th May                 Kids Party 11.15am. See flyer.

Shavout Day 1

Tuesday18th May                 Babies Blessing Ceremony 11.45am. See flyer.

Shavout Day 2

                                               Ladies Tea 15.00pm. See flyer.


Wednesday 19th May          Babies & Bagels 10.30am Stretch and Grow.

                                               Zoom Café 11am. Zoom 980 884 6666 Password hello.


                                               Adult Education Crash Course 8.00pm Zionism: The Challenges of

                                               Today. 8pm. Charlotte Korchak on "Antisemitism Then and Now:

                                               Anti-Zionism vs Antisemitism" Contact Malcolm Jaffa for more