Hi and welcome to the Hale Shule Service Booking Page. With the new Covid 19 compliance regulations in force, we need to know who will be at every service. So please ensure you re-visit this site prior to all services that you wish to attend.


You have already received an email with all of our compliance details. But for your confirmation, we detail the headlines below


  • We all must wear a face mask. 

  • We operate a strict 2m Social Distancing policy

  • If you are called up for an Aliyah, please stand to the right of the screen. Please do not kiss or hold on to the Sefer Torah.

  • Only sit on an allocated seat.

  • Do not walk around the Shule during the service

  • Follow directional arrows at all times, especially when leaving the building.

  • Children under the age of 12 should not come to Shule.

  • Sorry, but we are not allowed to sing. Let’s just listen to our Chazan.


We appreciate that this is challenging and very different from our ‘Norm’ but let’s all remember that we are taking these measures so as to protect the health & safety of all members who attend. Not just ourselves.

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