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Cohanim Walking Route to our Ohel

Cohanim are not allowed to use the regular pathways to our Ohel because it would require them to walk too close to existing graves.


With thanks to Trafford Council, we have created an alternative ‘safe route’ for Cohanim who want to access our Burial Ground and Ohel Building.


Please watch the video or follow the instructions shown below each of the pictures.



The entrance to the cemetery. Walk straight through the gates and follow the path.



To your right is a brick building with a white framed car-port. Proceed down this small turning for approx. 20 meters.



After walking 20 meters down this small road, you will see a small opening on your left. There is a small gate and beyond it, you will probably see our Ohel.

Take care when walking through the soil towards the gate. In wet conditions, the ground might be slippery.


Proceed through this small gate and follow the pathway which boarders the treeline. This pathway will lead you all the way to the Ohel, by-passing the Cohen section of our Beit Olam.


At the end of proceedings, please exit through the same gate. We urge that you do not encourage anyone else to use this pathway and exit. It is designated for Cohanim only and has been provided with permission of Trafford Council.

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